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Acceptance - Your Heart Will Lead You...
To Your Destruction
Humankind is amazing. We've found cures for diseases, discovered (or started to) what’s beyond our universe, and made huge technological advances. We’re social beings, almost to the point where it’s a flaw. We strive to be accepted day in and day out. It’s kind of ridiculous what we do to be accepted. The problem with us started when we were babies. We had a span of time when we were wee little ones, where everyone paid attention to us and only us. They waited on us hand and foot, came running whoever we made a sound, and even fed us. We were showed off like trophies; everybody adored us. Every time they saw us again they mentioned how big we were getting, how we looked like our parents, and how adorable we were. We had it made. Perfectly accepted by everyone (unless we were the little brat behind them on the plane that cried or kicked their seat.) Then we grew up, we got less adorable to everyone and more annoying. Then we started school. We desperately seeked acceptance; we needed friends to make us whole. Eventually we found acceptance, made best friends, and loved school. Summers were fantastic because we got to see our new friends. Then we grew up more. In grades 4-6, the cycle started again. Something happened like your best friend moved or you did. The inevitable breaking of the friendship occurred. Now you had to be accepted by a bigger group. You searched and eventually found a group that worked. Tastes change. Junior high, you’re thrown in with the big kids. This is where the drama starts. You find boyfriends, girlfriends, and BFFs. Your friends will argue and fight over boys, or just fight about nothing. You try to stay incognito so you’re not pulled into it. High school is even worse. You think you’ve been accepted and your friends are here forever, but of course, something will happen. They cycle begins again. Eventually you’re alright. You have a best friend, and since you’ve grown up, they’ll stick. You still strive to be accepted by the rest of the people. You have to play sports so everyone likes you, or you’re a cheerleader so other girls want to be you, or you’re the clown so everyone likes you because of your jokes. You take on a persona to be accepted by the masses. You find your place, sure there’s stragglers that don’t like you, but it’s okay. Senior year, everyone accepts each other. This is the last year of being safe before the cycle of acceptance begins again. College. If you had a hard time fitting in in high school, this is heaven. You can remake yourself. Decide that instead of being one of those “outcast” you can be a jock or whatever now. Things have changed for you. You go in headstrong, knowing that because of your new persona, everyone will like you. Two things can happen, you fit in or you fall into old habits. Yet another place where you still need to be accepted. During college, you start the (serious) look for the one. The person that gives you the butterflies-in-your-stomach-I-forget-how-to-breath-when-you’re-around feeling. You need to be accepted by this person to complete yourself. You graduate, find a job, and the cycle continues. Now you must be accepted by your co-workers, your boss, and the fiancé’s family. [Note: from here on out, it guess work for me, but it’ll work the same as everything else.] You do your best to fit in with the family. If they don’t like you, your fiancé might leave which means you’d have to search again. You do everything to make them like you to avoid that. You have to get along with coworkers or you’ll hate your job. Now you’re running three personas: one for the fiancé (that’s just who you are), one for their family, and one for your coworkers. Eventually you’ll be accepted so you can gradually just be you. You get married. All of their friends have been integrated, now you have to find married couples to hang out with. The search for acceptance again. Sooner or later you’ll have kids. Something that you love with everything of you. They love you too, then they grow up and their acceptance cycles are running. They hate you as teenagers and all you want, again, is their acceptance (and love) of you. You get older they accept you and you’re done needing to be accepted. Humans are social beings. We strive to be loved, to talk to people, to just be accepted. Surely there’s more to life than changing yourself just so people like you, right?
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