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thank you laurell k. hamilton - Your Heart Will Lead You...
To Your Destruction
thank you laurell k. hamilton
so i've been reading a lot lately and it makes me real sad. cause it's got a lot about love and shit. and i realized what i want, i want someone that knows me as well as i know myself, if not better. i want someone that knows that something's bothering me instantly. i want them to know what all of my facial expressions mean, i want them to know if i'm being sarcastic just because i'm being an ass or if i make it sound sarcastic because it's the truth. i want them to be able to tell if i'm lying. i want someone that knows when i need to just be held and cuddled and told everything will be alright, even if it's a lie. i want someone that i think about all the time so during the day i'll think, i need to remember that so i can tell him, or hey, he'd love this i should get it. i want someone that knows what i'm feeling and what to do to make it better. i want to have the unspoken understanding of each other. i want that all consuming love. i want to be one of those couples that is looked at and makes people say, "that's what i want". i want someone that hates something really passionately but because i love it they'll go do it with me just to be near me. i want sacrifices. i want compromising. i want someone to sing a song to me that comes on the radio and just describes me in their eyes to a t. i want that true love everyone talks about. and it's really feeling like that's just asking too much lately. and because of all of this reading and thinking about love, i'm finding that i'm liking a lot more people than normal; or maybe my hormones are in overdrive. either way, i want all that.

how i'm feeling now: lonely lonely
sounds in my head: "hey there delilah"==plain white t's

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