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two things: - Your Heart Will Lead You...
To Your Destruction
two things:
1. i fucking hate when people leave me messages on AIM while i'm away. let me clarify, i hate when people try to talk to me when my away message is up. if there's a little yellow note thing next to my name, i'm away. i'm doing something. not sitting in front of the computer waiting for someone to talk to me. so if you start talking to me and something comes up right after you send the message (it'll say autoresponse from rockstarskick: xxx some witty thing that is my away message xxx) don't get pissed or sad that i'm not talking to you. i'm away. away=not here. so stop getting catty with me through an online messenger and think i hate you. cause honestly, you sending that message and then getting pissed about it, that makes me hate you a little more everytime. so i'm just saying, knock it off. if you wanna drop in and say you miss me or tell me something cool, that's gnarly, we're good. but don't try to start a conversation with me.

2. i'm going home. totally, completely, going home. i'm dropping out this semester, it's the best for me. i'm not really telling anyone cause it'll be more fun that way so if you find out, try to keep it on the DL. if you live in b-town, i'm sorry if i don't tell you, it's hard to get ahold of everyone just to say, "hey haven't seen you in a while, miss you. btw, i'm dropping out"

and yes, this is cross-posted fucking everywhere.

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